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Sms management system

SMS based interactive system is a smart information broadcasting tool used to provide school or organization relevant information to the students, parents, visitors and staff on their mobile phone in the form of SMS. SMS application software ensures easy sharing and integration with available database of EIMS – Integrated Software Solution. SMS notification softwaresolutions we offer ensure complete computerization of educational institutions.

Get SMS alerts on attendance and all vital announcements including results and specific events. Get rid of unnecessary messages or sendbulk messaging. Teachers may have easy access to directly send attendance reports to the parents through SMS on their smartphones.

Schools and other educational institutions has the authority to send relevant information in the form of group messages to parents about their students, behavior, holidays, results, date sheets, parent teacher meetings, etc. Some of the specific SMS based interactive systems are discussed below:

Features of PschoolSMS Notification

  • Ensure information about your interview dates of registration
  • Ensure admission confirmation.
  • Hassle-freely send details school fee dues.
  • Easy to send payment reminders.
  • Instant message of confirmation of paid fees
  • Attendance status of the students are smartly messaged
  • Library alerts information: books due/overdue information is sent hassle-freely.
  • Special announcement information: Holiday’s information, bus information, customized wishes; urgent alerts to parents/students are given easily.

Schools looking to remain on top prefer must avail our SMS notification software. Our SMS approach saves time and money for both parents and the management. So, start using SMS solutions and text messaging alerts – a low-cost means of communication and stay connected with students, parents and teachers.