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Exam management software

Exam Scheduling is a tedious and time consuming job and requires enough planning. Exam management software eases the task of examination processes in educational institutions. The software is useful for creating and evaluating examinations. Pschool examination module allows you to create exam schedules for particular semester/year. It is easy for the management to enter the subject wise marks obtained by each student based on the school grading rule. Also, it’s easy to grade the marks obtained by each student. The software makes easy viewing of exam results in percentage or grade.

With exam management software, schools and colleges find easy to conduct examination. The software is not only easy to use but as well supports the layout and pattern of all types of examinations. At Pschool, we also offer customization options for marks and grade based examinations.

Features of PschoolExam Management Software

  • Create and manage the schedule of different types of exams of different class.
  • Create apt seating arrangements for the students going to give exams in different classroom.
  • Manage exam timings and maximum marks and grade for different types of exams.
  • Provides clone which make easy for the users to follow up/edit the examination schedule.
  • Easy generation of hall ticket, question papers and more.
  • Real-time mobile updates on parent’s mobile about exam schedule and result.

Creating exams through our exam management software is easy and innate for each standard. Contact us to get this software and relive all the worries of preparation of any examination of any level.