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Attendance management system

Attendance is one of those administrative tasks that must be done with perfection. Student attendance management systemfor educational institutions including schools and colleges easily maintains a quick and accurate recording of student’s attendance. This system is a smart device well designed toidentify irregularities in the academic interests of the students.

With Pschool Online Student Information System, taking and managing attendance is no longer a tedious task to do. It reduces the burden of school management of maintaining records on paper and ensures the task to be done in most effective and efficient way. Our student attendance system is specifically designed to make taking attendance quick and error free. It is easy for the users to create a complete attendance reports and summary of the student. Easy to use features of the software help management of the schools and parents to monitor and track the attendance of the student.

Features of Pschool Attendance Management System

  • Manage attendance of students and staff from one place.
  • The attendance records are kept safe for further use.
  • Saves lot of time and results in accuracy and reports are automatically generated.
  • Ensure smooth functioning of schools by sending alerts to student/parents related to monthly reports, etc.
  • Easy to generate cumulative term, mid-term and annual attendance.
  • Easy to import and export the student and staff attendance for short –span of time.

Student attendance software has the facility to share attendance reports via Email or SMS. So make use of automated control of attendance with good cloud based biometric & RFID attendance software for schools and ensure timely and accurate attendance hassle-freely.